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How to Fix Broken Glass in a Window

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I'm Robert Markey I've been doing construction for a long time and we're going to talk about how to fix broken glass in window. The first thing you need to do with the broken glass in the window is to take it out which we've done here and do it without cutting yourself.

image img_2180-jpg
Then, you want to clean off the frame here so your new pane will go in nicely. Take that window pane that's been cut to size, and it goes right in. These are the guys that keep it in. There are different sizes and such. What you want to do is once the pane is in there, these get pushed in, wiggle them a little bit to get them in all the way. You want to put one here, one here.

Pretty much want to put two on a pane this size. If you get a larger one you put more in there and that keeps the glass in. Then you're going to glaze it. Grab some glazing compound. It's nice to heat it up a little bit, roll it out a little bit, push it in with your putty knife and then you can finish it off so it's real nice and smooth all around the whole window. I'm Robert Markey and we've been talking about fixing broken glass in window if you need any help please contact http://www.tweedheadsglass.com.au

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