Lunes, Oktubre 14, 2013

Tips For Proper Hydraulic System Maintenance

It is a challenging task to keep your hydraulic systems running properly. The common problems you will encounter are hydraulic motors and cylinders starting to leak, loss of flow or pressure due to pumps wearing out, valves that do not shift or are not operating properly, and filters becoming clogged and restrict flow to and from the system.

Generally, these problems may be due to typical wear within a hydraulic system. Observing proper
set up, usage, and maintenance can help prevent premature wear and prolong the life of any hydraulic system.

The first thing to remember before you start a hydraulic system is to be sure that the operator knows the system's basics including the proper fluid level, the fluid type, and the ambient temperature. Next, check the fluid level in the hydraulic reservoir before starting the equipment. Making sure sufficient fluid is getting to the hydraulic parts can prevent many component failures.

Many problems happen simply because fluid level is insufficient. This can cause parts to starve for oil (cavitation), or allow air to be sucked into your system (aeration). Also, not having enough fluid to absorb and to dissipate heat may also make the hydraulic system run hot.

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